Who is Katie?

“I wake up each day wanting to both change the world and have a hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes for planning my day difficult.” – E. B. White
katie steinharter moab utahKatie Steinharter can’t sit still.
She has a passion for changing the world, and insists that we would be nothing without the power of our voices and our creative imaginations.
She spent time traveling around the world to help scale up a social enterprise, conduct field research, and write case studies for an international NGO in Cambodia. In 2012 she worked for the Spanish Ministry of Education in a rural area of Galicia, where she created their first ever bilingual art program. She developed a passion for international development and the ways in which different cultures communicate. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Studio Art & Spanish, and later a Masters in Public Administration, she went on to manage an international marketing department at a Colorado-based social enterprise and then start The Denver Post’s first-ever social media marketing program and national social network, The Social Wire.
Katie specializes in content management, turning ideas into designs or words, and managing public-private sector relationships through communication efforts. She excels when able to better the world through a combination of love for art, travel, and the written word.
During the few moments she’s not thinking about changing the world, you’ll find her at home in the mountains of Colorado on her snowboard, on the couch with one of a hundred books from her shelf, or sitting outside with her painting easel.
She spends her spare time transferring her art, inspired by travel, into stationery to preserve memories forever.  These notepads, cards, and prints are available on Etsy and every purchase helps promote sustainability, and raise money for two causes close to her family’s hearts: JDRF and Alzheimer’s Association Art Program.

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