[Conversation] Featured on “The Pin the Map Project”

Today, ‘The Pin the Map Project’ featured my top advice for a weekend in Southern Cambodia. Started by Nikki, this website aims to make traveling the world no longer just a dream but a reality for anyone. She focuses on budgeting advice, travel tips, and global blog-trotting. This week she published my article to give other young travelers advice on how to spend a weekend in Southeast Cambodia for less than $100. Read the full article here, and see a sneak preview below.


If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing to picture millions of people traveling across the world every day. In fact, the International Air Transport Association estimates that around nine million people travel each day by air alone. Some of us travel out of necessity, others out of desire. Some of us professionally, others personally. Some of us are instigated by love, by hate, by money, by power, by curiosity. Whatever your reason… embrace it.

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