When visiting Australia with a man prone to seeking adventure, I should have figured I’d be convinced to find the most extreme way to sightsee.

Day 1: Lagoon. Day 2: Gorge. Day 3: Ocean. Day 4: Ocean. Day 5: Ocean. Day 6: Waterfall.

Day 7? Our first day on land, and he decides it just won’t do. So what do we do instead? Try to get a high as possible…. First we throw ourselves off a platform in the air, then we get on a plane and fly to Sydney.

great barrier reef

Lowest Points:
Scuba diving through the Great Barrier Reef with sharks, manta rays, garden eels, giant Maori wrasse fish, schools of parrot fish, and playful turtles among bright coral.

We slept on the Kangaroo Explorer for 2 nights and woke up with the sun to jump in the ocean, then continued to snorkel and scuba dive until after the sun had gone down again.

undara experience australia

Middle Earth:
Rented a “bombed car” at rock bottom pricing from ‘Rent A Bomb Cairns’ and drove to the outback where we saw wallabies, kangaroos, and wallaroos. Hiked through lava tubes and climbed onto the crater of a volcano that was millions of years old.

aj hackett bungy jump

High Point:
He convinced me to bungy jump. 50 meters in the sky, we joined 5 million other people who let the inventor of bungy jumping, AJ Hackett, convince them to fling their bodies head first off a platform in the rainforest toward a small lake. Despite nearly screaming my lungs straight out of my body, and thinking my head would explode from the rush of blood, and actually almost crying for my mother while atop a platform in the rainforest…. I was glad I did it in the end.

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