… and by “relax,” I realize that our version of relaxation is still more active than most; however, if you are among loved ones, and still cognizant and appreciative of the land you are in, then it is ok to take a step down once in a while and lay on the beach with a good book.

When you travel as much as we do in the Steinharter family, it is alright once in a while to travel as a way of ‘getting away’ as well as getting together, instead of just constantly fighting the clock to see as much as you can in a new place.

This year’s family reunion was held at Gros Islet, St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Along with reading, sleeping, drinking cocktails at sunset, and eating coconut on the street… we of course still found time to balance the beauty of relaxation with the action of exploration:

11102915_10203970435973293_7597380775722162440_o 10608415_10203970488094596_1747127752046079041_o 11046690_10203970497054820_6910169607963546719_o 11080559_10203970554856265_600298359076389882_o 11102885_10203970656578808_8238110199937040517_o 10432996_10203976311360174_7278070791520960203_n 1623633_10203976313320223_455361569837770764_n

**all photo credit goes to Sarah Steinharter.

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