Big Sur, California

I have a confession. I’ve never been to Big Sur but, thanks to Jack Kerouac, I’ve always dreamed of it. In the meantime, my brother (also Jack) took another girl (also Katy – spelled wrong though, if you ask me) and then rubbed it in my face by forwarding me the whole itinerary.

So for now, I’ll just have to save this and then steal ideas from it in the future. Thanks for doing all the research for me, Jack 😉

Things to reserve, according to Jack

Jack’s packing list (which he apparently did not have when he showed up for family vacations with no shoes or clothes as a child)

  • Speakers
  • Headphones & batteries
  • Neck plane thing (lets assume this means neck pillow)
  • Tripod / camera / selfie stick (no comment on the fact that he’s a selfie kind of guy…)
  • Snacks for the plane
  • Clothes
    • Work out clothes
    • Hiking clothes
    • Fancy dinner clothes
    • Bathing suits
  • All charge cords, external battery, and car charger
  • Sleeping bags
  • Basic camping supplies
    • Lantern
    • Something to cook with over the fire
  • Water bottle and/or bladder
  • Packable towel

Sample Itinerary

Day 1Notes
Begin driving from LAX, and definitely stop at In n Out for burgers (animal style) and fries (with sauce).
Bixby bridgeJust north of the bridge is a turnoff for a well-maintained dirt road, The Old Coast Road. Drive about a mile down the road.
Malibu marina for a quick stop, bite, and a view
Arrive in Big Sur, set up campHenry Miller Library is open Wed-Sun, 11am – 5pm
Day 2
Ander Molera State Park8 miles long, with a beach
Steelhead trout migration can be interesting to see
Lunch in townNepenthe Restaurant was good
Dinner in townSierra Mar (need a reservation) or Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn
Visit the Esalen hot springs in the evening Public bathing is open from 1-3AM but reservation is required.
Day 3
Morning hike options:Partington Cove Trail
Tanbark Trail
Pfeiffer Burns State Park
Cook at the campsite and soak in the last day

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