things to do in santiago de compostela spain

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Saint James’ Magical City: The End of the Camino
Saint James walked from France to Spain along the Camino de Santiago.. and at the end waited the present-day Santiago de Compostela, a mystical city filled with alluring beauty.
Top things to do in the medieval city, besides walk along an ancient trail:
  • Vino y tapas at Cervantes
  • Tapas along Rua Franco
  • Don Quixote’s
  • Cafe y churros at Cafe Casino
  • Momo’s outdoor garden and bar
  • “Berberechos y setas” at A Gamela
  • “the restaurant place” that is run from an elderly lady’s kitchen from 2-4AM by San Roque (I wish I was kidding, or that I could give you an actual name… but it is a hidden deli known simply as ‘the restaurant run by an elderly lady by San Roque’ and it has the best sandwiches you can find, but only open late at night and with a long wait of locals outside)
  • Parques (Alameda, Music, Bonaval, River Sarela)
  • The Río Sars walk
  • The Cultural Center
  • The Holy Door in Praza de Quintana
  • The Pilgrimage Museum
  • Museo do Pobo Gallego
  • Eugene Granneu Art Museum in Praza de Toural
  • Sacred Art Museum by the San Palo Monastery
  • The running paths along Pedroso (See here for more walking and running trails)

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